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358 Security Mesh Fence – Anti Climbing, Security Welded Panel Barrier

The 358 security mesh fence is made from welded mesh panels with small mesh openings. The structure is extremely difficult to penetrate and attack with conventional hand tools. 358 fence, also known as prison mesh or anti-climb fence, is a special fence panel we can manufacture in our city, also known as “prison mesh” or anti-climb fence. The 358 comes from its measurements 3″ x 0.5″ x 8 gauge, or 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric, ensuring the best value in performance, durability, and appearance, and the best value in performance, durability and appearance. Known as prison mesh, 358 mesh has small holes at each intersection, eliminating foot and finger grip and preventing objects from passing through, making it particularly useful for hand cutting. A high level of physical perimeter protection is often specified for use in recreation venues, parks, schools, and commercial developments.

358 Security Mesh Fence

358 welded mesh fence is a anti-climb, heavy-duty security fencing solution for perimeter protection. Our company is a leader in 358 security mesh.


Fence posts
  • Post Plate thickness: 2.5 mm or 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm.
  • Post section: 60 × 60 mm, 80 × 80 mm, 100 × 100 mm, 120 × 120 mm.
  • Finish: subsequently coated with polymer powder (Min. 60 micron), Outside and inside galvanized (Min. 275 g/m2).
  • Material: Strong and rigid steel for maximum strength.
  • Post cap: plastic or metal cap.
  • Colors: same as panel.
  • Green or black powder coating is applied to metal clips and clamps after they are hot dip galvanized.
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Table-1: 358 mesh fence specifications
Product ID Fence height (m) Panel size (height × width) (mm) Fence post (height × size × thickness) (mm) Clamp bar (height × width × thick) (mm) Inter or corner clamp no (pcs)
358F01 2 2007 × 2515 2700 × 60 × 60 × 2.5 2007 × 60 × 5.00 7 or 14
358F02 2.4 2400 × 2515 3100 × 60 × 60 × 2.5 2400 × 60 × 5.00 9 or 18
358F03 3 2997 × 2515 3800 × 80 × 80 × 2.5 2997 × 80 × 6.00 11 or 22
358F04 3.3 3302 × 2515 4200 × 80 × 80 × 2.5 3302 × 80 × 6.00 12 or 24
358F05 3.6 3607 × 2515 4500 × 100 × 100 × 3.0 3607 × 100 × 7.00 13 or 26
358F06 4.2 4204 × 2515 5200 × 100 × 100 × 4.0 4204 × 100 × 8.00 15 or 30
358F07 4.5 4496 × 2515 5500 × 100 × 100 × 5.0 4496 × 100 × 8.00 16 or 32
358F08 5.2 5207 × 2515 6200 × 120 × 120 × 5.0 5207 × 100 × 8.00 18 or 36


  • Fence height varies from 2.0 m to 5.2 m.
  • Maximum width is 2.515 m. There is also availability in 2.0 m and 2.2 m under request.
  • Various fence wire diameters are available, mesh openings can be 75 mm × 12.5 mm, 100 mm × 15 mm, other opening sizes are available under request.
  • 3 m height fence is usually used in school, residential and recreational sites, 5.2 m height used in prison and military establishments.
  • In order to satisfy the highest level of security requirement, our 358 high security mesh fencing can be manufactured with double layers of vertical wires.
358ACF-01: Black PVC coated 358 anti-climb fence is more in harmony with residential and commercial places

358ACF-01: Residential and commercial properties benefit from the black PVC coating on 358 anti-climb fences

358ACF-02: 358 anti-climbing fence with razor wire provides a high level of security and deters intruders.


358ACF-03: No mention of a cutting action by the bolt cutter, even in the small hole of 358 fence.

358ACF-04: Mesh opening and wire diameter follow strict standards.


358ACF-05: The panels were installed into a narrow post with a 75 mm overlap for a sturdy structure.


358ACF-06: Two panels were installed into one wide post with brackets so that they did not overlap but were still firmly in place.


358ACF-07: 358 mesh fence panels packed on pallets wrapped in plastic film for transportation.


358ACF-08: 2D security fencing with 6 mm vertical wire and 4 mm double horizontal wire in green powder coating


Designed with maximum security in mind, 358 welded wire extra high security fence is anti-climb & anti-cut through. 

It is ideally suitable for detection systems and electronic alarm, military sites, fencing in prisons, and airports, warehouses, commercial and industrial properties, power plants, seaport Perimeter, offshore petrochemical facilities, laboratories, schools, parks, secure hospitals, leisure and recreational areas. 358 fence will give them a long lasting and secure perimeter protection with attractive appearance. 

In general, 3.60 m height 358 fence is used in parks, schools, recreational and leisure areas, 5.20 m height 358 fence widely used in military and prison establishments.

Why Choose 358 Mesh Fencing

A 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fence is galvanized after manufacture, unlike other anti-climbing fence products. In this way, all welded joints are protected from moisture and corrosion is effectively eliminated, which ensures unparalleled product quality and a long service life.


With its rigidity and minimal wind resistance, the 358 is very stable and is ideal for use with electronic alarms, as well as roof and sidewalk protection devices when the tension on the end anchors cannot be achieved.

Destructive resistance:

With finger-proof holes and a wire diameter of 4mm, 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences provide a solid barrier that is difficult to climb and penetrate. Actually, cutting wires on 358 with conventional bolts or wire cutters is impossible.

Excellent versatility:

Due to its style, strength, and excellent anti-climbing ability (Visibility is still high to this day), the 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fence is very suitable for high-security facilities (prison, military compound, electric facilities) to high-end construction applications. You can customize 358 anti-climbing rigid mesh fences for measurements according to your requirements.

Why Choose 358 Mesh Fencing

Galvanzied 358 fence
Galvanzied 358 fence
Powder coating 358 mesh fence
Powder coating 358 mesh fence
Double wire anti climb mesh fence
Double wire anti climb mesh fence

What Is 358 Mesh Fencing?

If you are researching high security fencing, you may have asked yourself what 358 fencing is? Due to its high security properties, 358 mesh is used extensively in high security applications worldwide.

While 358 mesh is relatively new in South Africa, Chiefence is one of the few fence manufacturers that is actively developing this product line.

Why Is It Called 358 Mesh?

Despite the fact that many people wonder why 358 mesh is named that way, the reason is actually quite simple.

The reason why 358 Mesh is called that is because of its dimensions and materials. The apertures measure 3 inches long and 0.5 inches high, and the panels are constructed from 8 gauge wire. In some parts of the world, you can choose between 356 mesh and 3510 mesh.

What Is 358 Mesh?

The 358 Mesh is a welded mesh panel attached to a steel frame that is used as part of fencing. Since it is hard to cut and hard to climb, it is one of the best choices for high-security fencing around the world. It is important to consider all of these factors when designing a high security fence.

What Finishes Do 358 Mesh Come In?

In most cases, 358 Mesh panels are galvanized, but they can also be zincalum coated, or powder coated after galvanizing.

In South Africa, most people are familiar with galvanizing and powder coating, but zincalum is much less common. Zinc and aluminum alloys are used in the same way as zinc in hot dip galvanizing, but offer far superior corrosion resistance.

Where to Get 358 Mesh Panels?

358 fencing systems are offered by many of the world’s best fence manufacturers. For customers who want to invest in the best perimeter security, they may have different posts and other structural differences, but they all provide superior security.

While there are many suppliers and manufacturers of high security fencing, it takes a special contractor to install it properly. When it comes to these fences, accuracy in three dimensions is crucial, and if your contractor is not experienced, you might not get the best results.

Chiefence is an experienced fence contractor and has installed every type of high security fence you can imagine (and many more!) Contact us to discuss your project!

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