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Electric Security Fence

Our electric security fencing system is a fully monitored, zoned, and integrated solution that allows for targeted responses and investigations on your property. You will have increased peace of mind and a strong deterrent with this robust and cost-effective security solution. Site-specific operational and/or CCTV detection zone requirements are met by our electric security fencing systems. The system is intended to provide perimeter security by deterring, detecting, denying, and defending against potential intruders through the use of electric shocks that are short, sharp, painful, but regulated and safe.

Electric Anti Climb Security Fence

Our company manufactures electric fences and anti-theft and intrusion alarm systems. Electric fence for pastures, pulse electric fences, tension induction fences, vibration optical fiber detection and alarms, infrared detectors, and other products are among the products produced by the company. Experience in product development and production, as well as mature technology.

What is the working principle of an electric fence?

The electric fence is made up of multiple conductive wires that run horizontally along the fence. Wires are connected to an Energizer device that transmits short & continuous high voltage pulses along the fence line. If someone disturbs the fence by cutting or shorting the wires, an audio & visual alarm is raised immediately. In this way, any attempt to tamper with the fence will be immediately detected.

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Why Choose Electric Security Fence

A Genuine Turn-Key Solution

Unlike other electric security fence products, we offer a complete turn-key solution that works in concert to deliver a superior overall product. We offer electric security fencing that can be added to existing roofs, walls, or security fences to boost their deterrent and detection capabilities.

It is the most effective physical and psychological deterrent

Even the most determined intruder is inherently afraid of electrified wire fencing, which is one of the most complete forms of physical perimeter security. A powerful, non-lethal shock will be delivered to unwanted intruders by our electric security fence.

Our electric fence is typically installed as a 20 wire electrified screen on the non-public side of chainlink fence or atop the fence with the first wire above 1800mm above ground level. In addition to shocking an intruder, our electric fence will trigger your existing site security system or a stand-alone alarm.

Durable, Robust And Cost-Effective

The electri fence is the only commercial electric fencing system in New Zealand that uses 100% stainless steel fittings (links, clips, springs) to ensure durability. We use JVA system components, which have been a market leader in electric fencing for many years. Our electric fence is one of the most cost-effective electric security fencing solutions available. It is easy to install and low maintenance. Electric fences integrate seamlessly with virtually any existing security alarm system, which means very little additional rework is required during installation.


FAQ About Electric Fence

It is designed so that electric fences provide enough power to prevent intruders from trespassing, but not enough to cause fatal injuries or psychological damage. Therefore, electric fences are absolutely safe, thereby providing safety.

Electric fences consist of several conducting wires attached to an energizer. Fences with this voltage range usually come with an audio and visual alarm to warn intruders.

The most common types of electric fences are agricultural electric fences, piggybacking fences, free-standing fences, wall top fences, and fence top fences.

It is possible for electric fences to cause enough electromagnetic interference to interfere with nearby telephone, radio, and television signals if they are not managed or maintained properly. For maximum safety, these fences must be maintained and kept in good condition.

Most electric fences are used in high-security zones to prevent intruders from entering, or to prevent people from leaving without permission. These include prisons, airports, military installations, and keeping wild animals at bay.

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Electric Security Fence

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