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High Security Fence - Security and Durability

We offer a wide range of high security fencing that is approved by the government and will provide maximum protection against intruders. You can select the right height security fencing system for your needs based on its specific attributes.

Due to the increased threats, we have invested heavily in developing high security fencing systems that can be used in high security situations, ranging from determined intrusion to collateral damage mitigation, in order to meet the demands on perimeter security. We realized you could not just keep stretching the performance limits of existing products against increasingly sophisticated, determined, and audacious attacks and expect them to work.

High Security Fencing Solutions

We manufacture, supply, and install high-security mesh fencing that is anti-climb and anti-penetrative. Small apertures prevent would-be intruders and escapees from grasping the wire and getting a handle to climb over it. With high-quality zinc alloy coated wire, our mesh fencing is extremely difficult to penetrate with conventional hand tools. Furthermore, rear tamper-proof fixings prevent fence panels from being removed from the attack side.

We design our products to provide the highest level of protection and security.

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Why Choose High Security Fence

There are several names for high security fences, such as 358 Fence, 3510 Fence, Antifinger Fence, and Clearvu Fence. This is a high-cost version of steel fencing. The panel is welded with low carbon steel wire, material grade Q195, and surface treated with electrostatic polyester powder coating (Powder-coated). Using suitable clamps (Clips) you can connect the fence panels with posts. The 2X47mm mesh size of the fence prevents fingers from climbing and cutting.

Features: See-through panel, Anti climb, Anti-rust,Long Service Life, Rigidity, Fast Installation, Customer specs available

A clear view fencing is also called a 358 Fence, a Clear Vu Fence, or a High-security Fence. A Clearview Fence is a high-security, high-see-through fence wall designed to protect your territory, mainly used around residential and commercial areas, so what are its advantages? Here are the details:


We welded the fence panel with hundreds of Q195 low carbon steel wires, which is the most important specification for the whole Clear view fence.

Our Clear view Fence usually has horizontal wire diameters of 3mm and vertical wire diameters of 4mm. With this design, the Clear view fence will be stronger and safer, as well as more cost-effective. We use 150-200 horizontal wires per panel, so it’s okay if we use a smaller diameter wire, but use 4mm stronger vertical wires to strengthen the fence panels. The design is excellent. Also, the standard design for clear view fencing. We will use a 4mm diameter for both horizontal and vertical wire for those clients who need the Clear view fence to be stronger. Of course, the more thicker the wire diameter, the more expensive the Clear view fence will be.

2:Mesh Size

In addition to making the Clear view fence strong and safe, mesh size is also known as aperture opening or hole size.

More people are using Clear view fences in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria (called anti-finger fence), Botswana, etc., and we have three types of mesh sizes:

Option 1: This size is a medium-sized Clear view Fence, and it costs less than the high security mesh size because it is 76.2mm x 25mm in size.

Option 2: The high security mesh size (Premium Option) 76.2mm x 12.7mm, which is a smaller aperture and high security fence, provides maximum protection for your areas with anti-cutting and anti-climb capabilities. It may be a little expensive, but it is also an effective maximum security option, so customers tend to choose this option more often.

Option 3: Basic 50 security mesh is 75mm x 50mm, with a large aperture that is more invisible, but less expensive. Clear view fences are perfect for clients who have a limited budget.

3: Treatment of the Clear view fence’s surface

The surface treatment of the fence is similar to how we wear clothes to protect ourselves from the elements. As a result, we made the Clear view fence’s surface treatment good so that it will last a long time and won’t rust.

The following types of coatings are available:

  • Powder coating in all RAL colors (pre-galvanized)
  • Pre-galvanized with a PVC coating
  • powder coated (all RAL colors available) + Hot-dip galvanized (40-60g/m2)
  • PVC coated and hot-dipped galvanized (40-60g/m2)
  • After welding, hot-dip galvanized (500g/m2)

The powder coatings we use are architectural grade.

Eco-friendly and super durable, this coating is a great choice. Under UV exposure, our powder coating provides the highest weatherability and gloss retention in the industry. It can last three times longer than competitor powder coatings.

4: Top spikes with additional spikes

When you touch the spikes, your hand will feel pain, adding more security to the Clear view fence. It will cost more, but it will certainly be safer. In addition, we have barbed wire and razor wire rolls for you to choose from. All of these can make the Clear view fence more secure.

Colors Available

The popular colors of high-security fences.

popular colors

High-security fence available colors.


How to select high security fence

HEIGHT:1700mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm/2400mm
The heavy wires guarantee strength and rigidity.

WIDTH: 2300mm/2400mm / 2500mm / 2900mm
2900mm option can reduce installation & post cost by approx 20%,when compared with a 2.5m wide panel.
If the panel is higher than 2300mm,we will suggest 2300mm wide panel to suit for container size.

WIRE THICKNESS: 3.0mm/4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm
358 fence=3″ × 0.5″ ×8 gauge wire(4.0mm)
3510 fence=3″ × 0.5″ ×10 gauge wire(3.1mm)
Thicker wire can offer stronger rigid

MESH SIZE (Aperture)
A: 50*76.2mm(Basic Option)
B: 25*76.2mm(Standard Option)
C: 12.7*76.2mm(Premium Option)

A Basic Option
A Basic Option
B Standard Option
B Standard Option
C Premium Option
C Premium Option

3 opions for regid.
C: 2D with additional wire

C: 2D with additional wire

A: Square post: 60*60mm
B: Round post: φ60mm
C: “I ” post: 70*44mm
D: IPE POST:100*55MM

A Suare post
A Suare post
B Round post
B Round post
C "I " post
C "I " post
C: 2D with additional wire

A: Spider Clamp with square post
B: Spider Clamp with IPE post (Double quantity clamps)
C: FLAT BAR with Square post

Spider Clamp-A
Spider Clamp-A
Spider Clamp-B
Spider Clamp-B
Spider Clamp-C
Spider Clamp-C
POST CAP: A: anti-UV plastic cap B: metal cap
Anti-UV plastic cap
Anti-UV plastic cap
Metal cap

Surface Treatment(Anti-Rust Treatment):
Electric Galvanized(8-12g/m²) + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)
Electric Galvanized(8-12g/m²) + PVC Coated
Hot Dipped galvanized(40-60g/m²) + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)
Hot Dipped galvanized(40-60g/m²) + PVC Coated
Hot Dipped Galvanized after welding (505g/m²)
Galfan(200g/m²) + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)
Galfan(200g/m²) + PVC Coated

Be manufactured using galvanized steel wire.
Be coated with exclusive Architectural Grade Powder Coat.
This coating is super-durable and environmentally sound. Our powder coating provides the industry’s Highest Weather ability and Gloss Retention in U.V. Exposure.
Up to 3 times longer than competitor’s powder coatings

Hot Dipped Galvanized
Hot Dipped Galvanized
PVC Coating
Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Additional Option

Bolts with Sheer-nut
Bolts with Sheer-nut
Bolt with Rivet Nut
Bolt with Rivet Nut
Barbed Wire
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Flat Wrap Razor Wire
Concertina Razor Wire
Spike A
Spike A
Spike B
V Arm B for IPE Post
V Arm B for IPE Post
V Arm A for Square Post
V Arm A for Square Post

How to install high security fence


1 panel.
1 post with a rain hat.
Clips(4-7 clips for 2m high fence).

High security panels
post with a rain hat
Post with a rain hat
Clips(4-7 clips for 2m high fence).
Clips(4-7 clips for 2m high fence).

Installation Method

Step 1

Measure and mark the post location as per the panel width Dig holes for posts. In common, the post is 500mm longer than panel. So 300*300*500mm is ok.

Step 2

Install the post with concrete. Each post must be set perfectly plum in the concrete

step 2
Step 3

Install 1 panel to post with clips.

step 3
Step 4

Install the second post with concrete. Each post must be set perfectly plum in the concrete

step 4
Step 5

Fix the fence, The cement will set in a few hours

step 5

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