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Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence

A welded wire fence is also called a wire mesh fence, and it is a great security solution for fences. Welding steel wire with high strength and low carbon content makes this fencing material more durable and excellent.

We manufacture welded mesh products suitable for all applications, including sports and schools facilities, commercial properties, and high security sites. The welded mesh fence provides high visibility without compromising CCTV and creates an ‘invisible’ screen. For high security applications, we offer posts that can accommodate security toppings, cameras, and lighting, flat profile designs for sports enclosures, reinforced V mesh styles for additional strength, and close-knit panels for high security applications. 

Our steel welded mesh panels are made in China and come with a 25 year warranty. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, and finishes. 

High Security Fencing Solutions

Wire Mesh Panel Features:

1. Easy to install: It only takes two people to complete the installation process.
2. Prevent bask in anticorrosion: Powder coating and hot dip galvanizing, service life 5-10 years.
3. Beautiful appearance: Mesh surface is flat, and perspective is higher. Relaxed and bright.

Welded wire fence panels are usually coated with a protective coating, such as hot dipped galvanizing, polyester powder coating, or plastic coating. The service life is extended regardless of whether it is near the seaside or inland.

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Why Choose Welded Mesh Fence

Welded mesh fences are also known as “medium security fences” and “3D fences“. Steel fences are economical versions of steel fences. Low carbon steel wire is used to weld the panel. Material Grade: Q195, Surface treatment with electrostatic polyester powder coating (powder-coated) over galvanized materials. Clamps (Clips) are then used to connect the fence panels to the posts. As a result of its simple structure, ease of installation, and beautiful appearance. There is a growing preference among customers for welded mesh fences as a common protective fence.

  • High-Quality Welding
  • State-Of-The-Art Coating Facilities
  • Adherence to International Standards in Quality
  • Exceptional Strength and Durability
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Consistent Weld Strength and Weldmesh Sizes
  • High Value For Money

Welded Mesh Fence Applications

  • Demarcation of Agricultural or Industrial Premises
  • Construction and Plaster Applications
  • High-Security zones such as Prisons, Nuclear Facilities etc.
  • Security cages and fences
  • Warehouses, Factories, Societies and Farmhouses as Wall Tops
  • Animal Enclosures
  • Sculpture Enclosures

Colors Available

The popular colors of Welded Mesh Fence.

popular colors

Welded Mesh Fence available colors.


Welded Mesh Fence Features


Weld Meshes are perfect for construction or industrial sites with heavy machinery and bulky raw materials because they are woven after galvanization, making them indestructible fortress walls. In addition, the weld mesh panel's v-bends enhance the fence's stability against wind loads, preventing any waviness.


Welded mesh fences are made to last, and once installed, intruders find it extraordinarily difficult to climb or blow them away. Additionally, these Steel Mesh Fences can withstand physical pressures to a great extent and are weather-resistant.


In addition to being available in various thicknesses and heights, Welded Mesh Fences are virtually impenetrable to both humans and wildlife, making them an ideal choice for high security premises.


The coated mesh fencing is designed to withstand head-on impacts from large animals. Powder coating ensures high durability by protecting the wires. The fact that such fencing rarely needs to be repaired means that it can often last a lifetime!


It is easy to install welded mesh fences on a variety of surfaces without causing any hassle. As a result of this adaptability, fences can be quickly installed at any time.


Our Steel Mesh Fences and Weld Mesh Gates are designed by electrically welding the wires together, eliminating any chance of cracking or breaking. They are an affordable, low-maintenance long-term investment.


Wires are cut and bent in the factory, eliminating the need for rebar at the site and making the installation process inherently safer.


Using thinner bars for closer spacings in welded mesh wires helps ensure efficient stress transfer to concrete. In turn, this ensures aesthetically pleasing finished surfaces with minimal cracks.


Steel Mesh Fences are exceptionally quick and easy to install, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced manpower requirements. By doing this, not only is the installation process quick, but it is also quite cost-effective as well.


By varying the bar size and spacing, it is possible to design welded wire meshes based on the precise reinforcement weldmesh sizes, making them suitable for a variety of applications.


These steel mesh fences are made of high-quality steel wires with low carbon content, which are welded using fully automated computer-controlled welding machines.


By utilizing welded wire meshes, slab casting on site can be condensed, especially compared to the cumbersome process of placing and tying individual bars. As a result, construction can be completed quickly.

FAQ About Welded Mesh Fence

Due to the way they are made, weldmesh fences are considered quite strong, which is why they are usually used in high-security areas like prisons and nuclear power plants. Aside from that, they can also be used to mark agricultural land, security cages and fences, construction sites, factories, warehouses, sculptures, and animal enclosures.

Steel wires are electrically welded together to make mesh-like grids in weldingmesh fences, also known as mesh fencing. Due to their structure, they are strong and climb-free since there are few spaces between the grids. Additionally, they are considered more durable than woven fences. Due to their welded design, they are easy to install, can withstand more pressure, and are anti-cut and anti-break.

Compared to many other fences, weldmesh fences are more weather-resistant. This is due to its durable finish and enough space for air to flow through. In areas prone to strong winds, this reduces the pressure on the fence. As a result, they last longer and require less maintenance.

In addition to being safe and durable, weld mesh fences can also be made aesthetically pleasing by using different types of coatings and colours.

In addition to being strong and durable, weld mesh fences are popular due to their visibility. The grids allow for clear visibility between them, so they are also used in places such as sports stadiums, schools, and business units.

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